Welcome to VidaOwners.com, the web site for rentals of Vidanta Resorts' luxurious vacation properties. VidaOwners.com provides a marketplace where guests can rent unused Grand Luxxe weeks from timeshare owners. This web site is managed independently of Vidanta Resorts and Vida Vacation Club for the benefit of our Members.


Are you looking to rent one of Vida's beautiful and luxurious resorts located throughout Mexico?

Don't spend hours browsing through typical vacation rentals web sites. This site is exclusively for rentals of Grand Luxxe and other Vidanta Resorts by people who have purchased a membership and have unused weeks to share with you. We offer standardized pricing and rental policies regardless of which of our Members is providing the unit, so you don't need to wade through endless listings to figure out which ones offer what. You'll enjoy the same hassle-free rental experience every time you rent through us.

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Are you a Grand Luxxe Residence Club member and looking for a way to rent out your unused weeks? 

Renting on your own is time consuming and can get quite expensive. You have to advertise and compete not only with other Vida members, but with the many other vacation rental owners as well. You have to deal with the hassle of negotiating rental terms such as payments, cancellations, and refunds.>

Join our team and we will help you rent your weeks as part of our inventory. There are no up-front fees, you maintain control over your weeks, and you are still free to rent through any other means you choose while we identify a rental for you.

Please proceed to the Members-only section of this web site for more information.

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