Some useful tips for how to navigate this web site.

How to use this site

We have made every attempt to keep this web site simple and easy to use. Our responsive design adjusts automatically to reformat the page contents for smaller displays on hand-held devices like phones and tablets. We provide many links to additional information as opposed to embedding it all in one page. The number of images and other bells and whistles has been kept to a minimum to provide as compact a layout as possible with quick page refresh times.

Within the page itself you will find many links to guide you to related information. In many cases we have chosen not to repeat information available on Vida's own web site, and provided a link to that site instead. We have tried to include on this site only supplemental information and repeat only the Vida information most pertinent to your making a rental decision.

There is a main menu along the top for quick access by returning users to the most frequently used topics. (This menu collapses to a single Menu button on smaller displays.) There may be child menus under any given parent menu that will take you to related information. Many pages have a See also... menu to the right side of the page that will also take you to other child pages. (This menu will appear below the main content on smaller displays.)

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How to use this siteHow to use this site

How to use this site

Some useful tips for how to navigate this web site.


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Vidanta web site...Vidanta web site...

Vidanta web site...

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