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Did you hear? Travel just got easier with no testing.

(posted on 6/11/2022)

Vacationing in Mexico just got even easier with no testing requirements to return home!
This email is informational only, it was sent from an email that does not receive messages. Your privacy and the security of your personal data are very important to us. You can find more information about the treatment we give to your personal data or your rights regarding your personal data; You can consult our privacy policy on the website www.vidanta.com in the Privacy Notice section. Any matter related to the content of this communication will be governed by applicable Mexican laws and the courts of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, will have exclusive jurisdiction.

The latest online edition of The Vidanta Traveler is here!

(posted on 11/8/2021)

Click the link below to read:


Vidanta Shuttle Services

(posted on 11/2/2021)

We have added a link to Vidanta's shuttle services web site for Guests to set up their arrival transportation. Visit Home > Guests > Shuttle Services...

'The Estates' are now available

(posted on 9/28/2021)

The Estates, Vidanta's new top of the line accommodations, are now available at the Nuevo Vallarta destination. We have some summary information posted on our web site on the Accommodations page and they have been added to our price sheet on the Rentals page. Available in unit sizes ranging from 1BR to 4BR, you can find out more about these luxurious rooms on the Vidanta web site.

The Vidanta Traveler June newsletter is here!

(posted on 7/1/2021)

From “just arrived” to “just chilling” in no time!

(posted on 5/11/2021)

Now you can speed your way through your arrival with our pre-check in process.
It’s always our goal for you to get the most out of your vacation time. That’s why we’re introducing an all-new Pre-Check In option that streamlines the check-in process by allowing you to provide your information before you arrive.

That way you can arrive and head poolside in no time!

We now accept ACH payments

(posted on 4/13/2021)

VidaOwners.com now accepts ACH bank transfers as a payment method for our rentals. When our Guest receives an invoice from our payment processor Square, they will be directed to a secure web site where they can enter their bank information without our having access to it.

ACH payments are treated the same as Zelle payments as far as any fees or rebates are concerned.

NOTE: Using ACH as your payment method requires that you pay for the entire invoice, including the deposit, all at once. This does not affect any refund you are entitled to in the case of cancellation.

Here are some quick tips for traveling now!

(posted on 2/19/2021)

Learn how to easily meet new travel requirements during your trip.

Price increase for 2021

(posted on 1/29/2021)

Vidanta has increased the usage fees it charges its members for 2021 by 3% to 4% over the previous year.
Our prices for 2021 have increased accordingly, effective 2/1/21.


Simple, fast & easy: on-resort testing available

(posted on 1/19/2021)

Easily fulfill new US government travel requirements with on-resort testing.

In order to promote safer travel, the US has issued new regulations requiring a negative test for all returning international travelers, starting January 26th. Because your family is our top priority, we’re proud to further support an exceptional vacation experience with a simple, safe, and convenient new service offering on-resort testing.
Desarrollo Marina Vallarta S.A. de C.V. d/b/a Vidanta, its affiliates, facilities, agents, and employees (jointly known as “The Company”), are not involved in the provision of COVID-19 testing or any other testing and are not responsible for the administration of any such testing.Any and all testing services are provided by independent medical personnel and laboratories that are not affiliated in any way with the Company.The Company allows these independent medical personnel and associated laboratories access to the Company’s facilities as an accommodation to its guests. Any guest using such third-party testing services shall be solely responsible for any charges or costs associated with such testing or other medical services, and the Company shall not be responsible for the payment of any such charges or costs. Further, the Company (i) shall not be responsible for any act or omission of any medical personnel or associated laboratories related in any way to COVID-19 testing or other testing or medical services, (ii)makes no warranty, representation, or guaranteeconcerning the quality or accuracy of any such testing, and (iii) makes no warranty, representation, or guarantee that any such tests or results will satisfy U.S. governmental requirements for reentry or otherwise.

What’s your reason for the season?

(posted on 11/6/2020)

Whether you’re ready to deck the halls or walk the beach, we’ve got you covered!

Are you excited for a holiday season full of festivities? Or maybe you’re dreaming of a sunny Christmas spent unwinding. Either way, you can find just the celebration that best suits your family at Vidanta!

Just what your family needs right now!

(posted on 10/21/2020)

Get just the family vacation you want with us perfecting every detail!

The festive season is about spending time with those you love most. And whatever "family time" means to you, we're here to give you just the vacation you need.

Update: What to expect traveling to Mexico

(posted on 9/14/2020)

Find out what has changed about traveling to Mexico in recent days.

The must-try experience everyone is talking about!

(posted on 9/11/2020)

Get an exclusive look at the park that combines amazing attractions with posh relaxation.

Who’s ready to work from paradise?

(posted on 9/3/2020)

We’re happy to have you if you’re interested in extending your upcoming vacation!

Find the type of vacation you’re looking for!

(posted on 8/31/2020)

Whatever you’re looking for in a vacation, we’re happy to cater to your wishes.

From arrival to departure, we’ve got you covered!

(posted on 8/26/2020)

We’ve put health & safety precautions in place at every step—just take a look!
Watch Video >
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Web Site Updates

(posted on 8/14/2020)

We have finally completed our transition to a new web hosting provider and updated our DNN hosting platform to the latest release 9 versus the old release 7 we were operating on. This should resolve some of the bugs and result in a more stable platform.

We still have one or two minor DNN version updates to do to get us totally up to speed, as well as a more secure site using SSL.

What does it mean to have Extraordinary Standards?

(posted on 8/12/2020)

Join our Director of Operations for a closer look at Vidanta Extraordinary Standards.
Reservations subject to availability. This email is only informative, it was sent from an email that does not receive messages. Your privacy and the security of your personal data are very important to us. You can find more information about the treatment we give to your personal data or your rights in regards of your personal data; you can consult our privacy policy on the website www.vidanta.com in the Privacy Notice section. Any matter related to the content of this communication will be governed by applicable Mexican laws and the courts of Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico, will have exclusive jurisdiction.

Celebrate New Year’s Eve

(posted on 10/31/2019)

Celebrate New Year’s Eve in unparalleled luxury with JOYÀ and Nektar.
New Year's at Cirque du Soleil JOYÀ
The Most Glamorous Party in Riviera Maya
Cirque du Soleil JOYÀ
One A-list After-Party


Exciting news about Riviera Maya

(posted on 8/12/2019)

We can't wait for you to enjoy our pristine white-sand beaches.
We Can't Wait for You
Here at Vidanta, we're always working to improve your vacation. We know that enjoying the gorgeous white-sand beaches of the Caribbean is such an important part of visiting Riviera Maya. That is why we have recently enacted a number of initiatives to ensure pristine shores.

Because of these efforts, our beach is now more beautiful than ever. We invite you to return to Vidanta Riviera Maya, or any of the Vidanta Resorts, to experience these dazzling destinations for yourself.

This email is only informative, it was sent from an email that does not receive messages. Your privacy and the security of your personal data are very important to us. You can find more information about the treatment we give to your personal data or your rights in regards of your personal data; you can consult our privacy policy on the website www.vidanta.com in the Privacy Notice section. Any matter related to the content of this communication will be governed by applicable Mexican laws and the courts of Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico, will have exclusive jurisdiction.

Great news about your $800 gift!

(posted on 7/31/2019)

Now you can enjoy your anniversary gift longer!
Extended Through October by Popular Demand
$800 Resort Credit


As a thank you for 45 amazing years, we're giving you a special anniversary gift of an $800 Resort Credit. And now that gift can be used when you vacation anytime before October 31st!*

$800 Resort Credit
Request Reservation>

The best thing to happen to your summer...

(posted on 7/9/2019)

Jugala Luxury Waterpark
We have the best possible answer to that question waiting for you at Vidanta Riviera Maya—Jungala Luxury Waterpark. You can purchase tickets to Jungala with your concierge starting on July 6th.Have you reserved your stay yet?
Jungala Luxury Waterpark
Be the first to explore this brand-new boutique waterpark experience.

More huge news, coming VERY soon

(posted on 5/14/2019)

The Jungle is Calling

After 45 years of reinventing the world of entertainment and transforming the hospitality industry, it’s time for us to introduce our newest innovation, an experience unlike anything you’ve seen before.
Introducing Jungala Luxury Waterpark
Enjoy the world's best rides and an unparalleled pool lounge experience at one waterpark.
Jungala Opens This Summer at Vidanta Riviera Maya

Price increase for 2019

(posted on 10/12/2018)

Vidanta is charging it's timeshare members higher usage fees in 2019, therefore most of our prices are rising accordingly. The price increase will go into effect starting November 1, 2018. Any rental orders closed prior to this date will remain at the 2018 prices.

New Price Specials

(posted on 9/12/2018)

We have added some new price specials, including one for 30% off a Grand Luxxe 2BR Master Villa reservation next month on Oct 6-13. Please visit the Rentals page for details.

Login Changes on June 1

(posted on 5/1/2018)

Starting on June 1st you will use your e-mail address instead of a username to login to our web site. Your password remains the same as you left it. We recommend you login before then and check your e-mail address to ensure it is the one you want to continue to use.

Christmas / New Year's 2018/19

(posted on 12/5/2017)

We now have 5 new reservations for the Christmas/New Year's holiday period in 2018/19. Vidanta opened up reservations for Dec 2018 yesterday, and they are booking up fast. We have 2BR Master Villas in Riviera Maya and 3BR Spa Suites in Nuevo Vallarta confirmed and available for rental.

Play Golf with the Stars at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta

(posted on 8/9/2017)

The Celebrity Invitational returns to Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta.


Vidanta Golf


Play With the Greats

The 2nd Annual Vidanta Celebrity Invitational


Tournament Details


Celebrity Players Include:


Chipper Jones / Jim McMahon / Roger Clemens / Ray Allen

Check out the full celebrity lineup at the tournament website.


Call to reserve your spot today!





Turn your vacation into a spa retreat!

(posted on 7/24/2017)

Make your upcoming vacation a relaxing retreat with the Wellness Program.



Vacation is a precious thing. Make sure you’re
making the most of your time away from it all with
our all-new Wellness Program. Available now at Nuevo Vallarta
and Riviera Maya, the Wellness Program allows you to
focus on your mind, body, and soul with your choice
of two different packages.


Vidanta Wellness








The Vidanta Traveler June newsletter is here!

(posted on 6/23/2017)

Get an inside look at your favorite Mexican resorts.

¡Viva México!





The Tricks of Summer Travel Your Kids Will Love

This summer, make sure you're giving your kids the best vacation ever.



Riviera Maya’s Chiringuito Serves Up Sketches of Spain

Four ways to enjoy this newly renovated indoor/outdoor oasis.



Up Your Game Without Moving a Muscle

How restorative bodywork might just improve your handicap.









Protect your vacation from the unexpected

(posted on 6/3/2017)

Mapfre Travel Assistance can help safeguard your vacation.


Don’t let an unexpected emergency derail your next vacation.
Keep your time in paradise on track with Mapfre Travel Assistance.



Emergency Coverage

Reimburses non-refundable costs if you have to cancel or interrupt your trip due to covered illness, injury, or death.




Travel Coverage

Reimburses covered additional costs associated with baggage and travel delay and lost, damaged, or stolen baggage.




Medical Insurance

Protects you in case of a covered medical emergency abroad, including transportation to an appropriate medical facility and care.




24/7 Concierge Services

24/7 concierge care gives you access to a range of features and services, including roadside assistance, legal counsel, and advancement of emergency funds.




New Room Types Available

(posted on 4/20/2017)

Recently Vidanta opened a few new rooms types. In Nuevo Vallarta there are the Grand Luxxe 1BR Residence Loft and Grand Luxxe 1BR Loft. In Riviera Maya there is the Grand Luxxe 1BR Jungle Suite. The new Nuevo Vallarta rooms are now listed on the Vidanta web site, but the Riviera Maya room is still not listed. However, we have obtained a floor plan of this room and posted it on this site.

In the past the room names have been very confusing and inconsistent, but we've noticed on the Vidanta web site they are attempting to clean some of this up. We have updated the names we use on this site accordingly. Grand Luxxe rooms are now organized into two groups: The Residence at Grand Luxxe is as before with the addition of the new Grand Luxxe 1BR Residence Loft room. The Grand Luxxe group contains all of the Presidential (i.e Punta), Spa, Villas, and Suites (i.e. Condo) rooms as well as the new Grand Luxxe 1BR Loft room. We expect that the Grand Luxxe 1BR Jungle Suite will be part of this group as well.

If you are interested in renting any of the new room types just let us know. Our Members have the ability to internally exchange downwards, meaning they can trade their room for one or more rooms of a lower value.

Grand Luxxe Loft

(posted on 1/30/2017)

With the opening of new Grand Luxxe towers in Nuevo Vallarta and Riviera Maya, Grand Luxxe Spa and Villa owners now have the ability to exchange their units into the new Grand Luxxe 1BR Loft and Loft (studio) units.

We do not have any floor plans or other details right now, but if you would like more information please click below.


The most glamorous New Year's Eve party in Riviera Maya

(posted on 12/19/2016)

The most glamorous New Year's Eve party in Riviera Maya.

¡Viva México!


Prices for 2017

(posted on 9/15/2016)

On October 1st we will be publishing our prices for 2017. While some prices have increased to reflect the increase in owner's usage fees charged by Vidanta, most prices have actually been reduced to reflect a very competitive marketplace.

If you are considering renting through VidaOwners.com, please don't wait until October 1st. If the price for your desired unit is being reduced we'll give you that price right now! And if the price is increasing, by acting now you lock in the lower price!


Vida Vibe Newsletter - August

(posted on 9/12/2016)

Please visit the latest edition of Vida Vibe.



(posted on 6/6/2016)

Meet your celebrity partners for the Vidanta Celebrity Invitational Golf Tournament.


Looking good, fore sure! Get your custom golf gear

(posted on 6/6/2016)

It’s not every day that you can play a round in paradise. But now you can bring a piece of paradise to your everyday life with the Vidanta Golf Custom Apparel Shop.


Take 10% off JOYÀ tickets for your next vacation at Vidanta

(posted on 2/8/2016)

Experience the magic of JOYÀ on your vacation at Vidanta Riviera Maya. Purchase your tickets prior to arrival and receive 10% off ticket prices. Don’t wait to reserve your seats for this spectacular evening of dining and entertainment!


Customer Loyalty/Referral Bonus

(posted on 1/1/2016)

If you have previously rented from us and you rent again, we'll give you a 10% discount off the standard price. 

If you refer someone who rents from us, we will send you up to $150 as a bonus!



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