VidaOwners.com provides a marketplace where Guests can rent luxurious Grand Luxxe rooms from Vida Vacation Club members. This section of the web site guides a new Guest through the content available to help you make a choice as to where you want to spend your next family vacation.

Welcome prospective Grand Luxxe guest

Vidanta Resorts is constantly renovating and upgrading their properties, and periodically coming up with new products and services. For the most detailed and accurate information, please follow our links to visit the associated Vidanta Resorts web site.


Vidanta Resorts can be found in several locations throughout Mexico. Each destination may offer all of the Vida resort brands or just a few of them.

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Vidanta Resorts includes several different brands: Grand Luxxe, Grand Bliss, Grand Mayan, Bliss, Mayan Palace, and Sea Garden. Most of our Members have contracts for Grand Luxxe and so this web site focuses on that resort. However, we also have Grand Bliss and Grand Mayan members, and even our Grand Luxxe members can exchange for these resorts as well.

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We offer rentals of Vidanta Resorts properties directly from our Members who own them. All of our rentals use the same pricing and procedures regardless of who the Member is. Our regular prices are based on the usage fees the Member is required to pay to Vidanta Resorts for each of their weeks, but we also offer special discounts throughout the year.

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