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Welcome to the Members-only section of VidaOwners.com. You must be a member of the Grand Luxxe Residence Club to become a Member of this web site.

How it works

We currently do not accept any Members with contracts below the Grand Mayan resort level. Although we may offer rentals of lower lever resorts, we accomplish this via sister resort exchanges by our Grand Luxxe, Grand Bliss, and Grand Mayan members. 

Unlike a typical vacation rental site, we do not list individual units from different owners. We all have essentially the same type of property, so there is no need to confuse potential guests with lots of itemized listings of property. Your weeks will simply be added to our inventory and made available to our guests. You may either use our pricing or specify your own rental criteria. When it is time for your week to be rented we will contact you and provide you with the opportunity to rent to the Guest according to our standard lease contract terms.

Currently there is no charge for membership on our site. We typically charge a rental fee of $99 plus 5% of the price at the time the Guest pays the deposit to book a reservation. You only need to confirm the desired reservation with the resort and maintain it as needed; we do everything else for you.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

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This page is for Vida Vacation Club members that would like to request more information about joining our rental program.