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Easter 2019 Special: 10% Off (2-0419)

(expires on 12/31/2018)

Rent one of our confirmed reservations at the Nuevo Vallarta location for check-in on either 4/13/19 or 4/20/19 and receive a special 10% discount off our regular prices. Grand Luxxe 3BR and 2BR units available.

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Grand Luxxe Spa 3BR Suite - $200 Off (2001-0675)

(expires on 1/31/2019)

Reservation confirmed at Riviera Maya for 2/22/19 to 3/1/19.

The Three Bedroom Spa Suite has three bedrooms and two king-size beds and two queen-size beds, three bathrooms with two Jacuzzi tubs, a private terrace with a plunge pool, a gourmet kitchen, one living space with sleeper sofa, two dining rooms, and five TVs.

Regular price is $4599, but act now for a $200 discount which includes free: 6 rounds of golf, 2-for-1 fifty-minute spa massages, wireless internet, and airport pickup.

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Confirmed Reservations

The following is a list of our confirmed reservations that are available for rental:

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ID Check-In Check-Out Property Status
2001-0675 02/22/19 03/01/19 NVGS3S Confirmed
2002-6774 03/02/19 03/09/19 NVGR4S Confirmed
12-7783 03/02/19 03/09/19 RMGL1D Confirmed
2-8093 04/20/19 04/27/19 NVGS3S Confirmed
2002-6267 10/26/19 11/09/19 NVGR4S Confirmed
2002-5928 12/07/19 12/14/19 NVGM2S Confirmed
2002-5909 12/14/19 12/21/19 NVGM2S Confirmed
2002-5924 12/14/19 12/21/19 NVGM2S Confirmed
2002-5869 12/14/19 12/21/19 NVGR3L Confirmed
2002-5863 12/14/19 12/21/19 NVGR4S Confirmed
2002-5873 12/14/19 12/21/19 NVGS3S Confirmed
2-6067 12/21/19 12/28/19 NVGL1V Confirmed
2002-4664 12/21/19 12/28/19 NVGL2V Confirmed
2-6056 12/21/19 12/28/19 NVGL2V Confirmed
2-6023 12/21/19 12/28/19 RMGL2V Confirmed
2-6074 12/28/19 01/04/20 NVGL1V Confirmed
2-6068 12/28/19 01/04/20 NVGL2V Confirmed
2-6096 12/28/19 01/04/20 RMGL2V Confirmed
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Property = [Location][Resort][Room]
  • Location:
    AC = Acapulco, LC = Los Cabos, MZ = Mazatlan, NV = Nuevo Vallarta, PP = Puerto Penasco, PV Puerto Vallarta, RM = Riviera Maya
  • Resort:
    GR = The Residence at Grand Luxxe, GP = Grand Luxxe Presidential, GS = Grand Luxxe Spa,
    GL = Grand Luxxe Villas/Suites, GB = Grand Bliss, GM = Grand Mayan
  • Room:
    4S = 4BR Suite, 3S = 3BR Suite, 2S = 2BR Suite/Master Suite, 1S = 1BR Suite,
    3L = 3BR Loft, 2L = 2BR Loft, 1L = 1BR Loft,
    3V = 3BR Villa, 2V = 2BR Villa/Master Villa, 1V = 1BR Villa, JV = 1BR Junior Villa,
    1D = 1BR DeLuxxe, MR = Master Room

Rental Process

When you rent with us you will receive a detailed contract that specifies all of the terms and conditions, which are summarized below.

For rentals that are booked at least 6 months prior to the check-in date, the process is as follows:

  1. We require payment of a refundable 10% deposit in order to book a reservation with Vidanta Resorts on your behalf. We create a rental order and assign a Member to your rental request. The Member contacts Reservations and pays the usage fee to confirm your reservation, if available. If your reservation cannot be confirmed, your deposit is refunded to you or we can hold onto it and keep trying for up to 60 days to confirm your reservation.

  2. After reservation confirmation, we send you the Rental Terms and Conditions document for your signature. You must return the signed document within 15 days. You may cancel your rental order for any reason and receive a full refund at any time during that same 15 days.

  3. The Initial Payment of 40% of the price is due to us within 30 days following confirmation.

  4. The Final Payment of the remaining 50% of the price is due to us within 90 days following confirmation.

  5. We send you a Guest Letter on behalf of the Member authorizing you to stay at the resort as that Member's guest.

You may cancel your rental order up to 45 days prior to the check-in date. We refund to you an amount that is pro-rated following a formula that is based on both the time since the reservation and the time remaining until check-in. We hold any funds received from you in escrow and only disburse them to the Member as various cancellation/refund deadlines are passed, thereby ensuring that your money is available in case you cancel.

For rentals that are booked less than 6 months prior to the check-in date, the above process is compressed somewhat to accommodate the shorter timeframe. All of these details are specified in the Rental Terms and Conditions document that we send to you.


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